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Special Needs, Mobility and Disabled Use Information and discussion for those with special needs interested in the Segway.

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Originally Posted by bdtbaltimore View Post
My name is Brent, I am a disabled law student living in Gulfport, FL, which is basically right by St. Pete's Beach, in St. Petersburg obviously. I have a spinal cord injury that results in my walking with a cane and a limp. I have 30% use of my left leg and 80% use of my right leg. Balance can be an issue for me as well as walking distances. I recently totaled my truck and really am interested in getting a Segway. My concern is that my balance issues would prevent me from riding a Segway. Is this the case? Does anyone else have these issues and what are your experiences? Also, I was considering a seated Segway, but don't want to have to invest the extra money if it's unnecessary. So does below average to poor balance prevent one from being able to properly operate the machine? And also, I can stand, but would prefer to sit. So is the seated option a worthy one? Thanks everyone for your time, and I hope someone can help me with a response. Take care.
Brent, welcome.

My situation may be far different from yours, but I hope this helps.

I have left-sided paralysis and severe balance issues due to MS. I normally walk with 2 forearm crutches and my limit is down to about 2 blocks, max. I was homebound for 7 years and when I got my I2, it was like growing my legs back.

The only time that I have fallen was when I felt too "normal" and let my left leg relax. It collapsed and I fell to the left. I wasn't moving at the time and wasn't seriously hurt. When I ride, I keep my left leg locked and towards the back of the mat. I keep my right leg relaxed and more to the front. With this fore-aft position, I feel very secure and have over 2500 miles in about a year and a half.

I shake and spasm when I stand, normally, but when I am on my Segway, the machine shakes and I stay still. Hard to describe...but it makes me feel so normal to not shake and spasm. Of course I still am s & s'ing, it is just that the machine senses and compensates.

Hope this helps.

Nemo hic adest illius nominis.
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Originally Posted by segrick-ATL View Post
Amen to that suggestion! Having MS, balance is an issue. I called the local tour operator in Atlanta and booked a tour for my wife and I, but was a little concerned about the balance issue. I called and explained the situation and asked if I could try it out a day earlier in private so I wouldn't look like a dummy and 'fall off' in front of everyone.
I got on the Segway in the store and went a few feet and turned around, then another couple of times. I commented, "that was easy!" and the nice lady helping me said, "I told you it was!"
That's my experience - I use my Segway every day at work - your story may work out as well. Try it and see. It can be liberating!
can you stand for awhile? can you step up a stepand back down quickly? if so i would give it a go. my using my segway definately has strengthened my weak leg and helped most everything elsei like bumps or going off curbs with my x2 it stretches my tendons nicely
try raising up on your toes and heels if you can you may be able to nicely control a segway- let us know
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